Thoughts On Building a Healthier Relationship with the Internet

I recently started thinking about my (several) passions and the role they played in my life. When I was a child, my main hobbies were drawing and painting, and doing random craft projects inspired by Art Attack, in addition to playing with friends or alone. Growing up, I abandoned all the former (offline) hobbies and… Continue reading Thoughts On Building a Healthier Relationship with the Internet

I Heart Instagram [Tag]

Two years ago around this time, I published this Tag about Instagram and I thought it might be fun to do it again after all this time, since so many things changed! At that time, I was sharing only personal photos with the @alicegreenleaf handle, which is what I still do now, more or less,… Continue reading I Heart Instagram [Tag]

The Best Instagram Advice I Ever Received

If you followed me for awhile, you'd probably already know that Instagram is my favorite social media. It used to be Twitter few years ago, when text tweets with no links or images were still a thing, but Instagram took its place after receiving my first smartphone two years ago.I love seeing beautiful portrait and… Continue reading The Best Instagram Advice I Ever Received

What I Learned After Two Years on Twitter

I created my very first Twitter account back in 2010 when I started blogging and it was an horrible I-rant-and-complain-all-day-against-universe kind of thing, one of those profiles you’d never follow at these days. I started tweeting for real back in 2013, when I joined Middle-earth News, and that’s also why my handle was @alicegreenleaf. It… Continue reading What I Learned After Two Years on Twitter

How to Get Through Social Media Burnout

Every blogger knows that the best way to gain a readership is sharing his/her own contents on social media. The more you manage, the more you have a chance to be followed. But sometimes things can be overwhelming and we end up to experience a burnout. It happened to me lately, I felt like my… Continue reading How to Get Through Social Media Burnout