Just Have a Blog

One of my favourite bloggers, Tammy, shared the link to a nice podcast episode by Seth Godin yesterday, along with this wonderful quote (also from that episode):

I’m encouraging each one of you to have a blog. Not to have a blog to make money, because you probably won’t. Not to have a blog because you’ll have millions and millions of readers, because you probably won’t. But to have a blog because of the discipline it gives you, to know that you’re going to write something tomorrow. Something that might not be read by many people—it doesn’t matter—it will be read by you. If you can build that up, you will begin to think more clearly. You will make predictions. You will make assertions. You will make connections. And there they will be, in type, for you to look at a month or a year later. This practice of sharing your ideas with people who will then choose or not choose to share them helps us get out of our own head because it’s no longer the narrative inside. It’s the narrative outside, the narrative that you’ve typed up, that you’ve cared enough to share.

I find these words incredibly inspiring! Especially now that I’ve been wanting to start blogging more often again. Most of the times, I don’t publish anything because I’m too worried about writing a perfect 1k words article that will add value to the people who will read it.

Summer is here

But the best thing about having a personal blog is to share what’s on your mind, rather than what you think others would like to read, right?

Hope you’ll have a wonderful and inspiring weekend!

Alice xx


8 thoughts on “Just Have a Blog

  1. I love this! I would continue to blog even if nobody read it besides myself. That was the whole point in the first place, to record memories and make a few little connections here and there if you could. I love looking back through my old posts and remembering how I felt at certain times.


  2. I hope you have a nice weekend too! Blogging is so weird sometimes. I’m trying to get more into blogging again but it’s hard sometimes to think of things to write about!


    1. Thank you! I know what you mean. I keep a running list of blog post ideas, but sometimes I just don’t feel like writing and that’s okay too 🙂


  3. Thank you so much for sharing that reminder. I’m having doubts on myself and on my blog. It’s nice to not think about the big things about blogging and just focus on myself. 🙂


  4. Thank you for sharing this. Blogging has become this crazy industry people enter to make money and I find that alone puts too much pressure for those who simply want to write their feelings, opinions and thoughts down. For those who simply want to remember.

    I’ve been trying to get back in to blogging regularly for a bit. With 4-year old and a 3-month old, mobile blogging for the win. Haha!


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Yvan! I know what you mean. I’ve put so much pressure on my blog during the last few years just because I thought that trying to make money from it was the natural journey.

      I decided to stop trying to keep an editorial calendar and just blog when I feel like it and it’s definitely better for me right now. Mobile blogging is great if you don’t have enough time! 🙂


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