My Top 3 Communities for Bloggers and Geek Girls (+ A Facebook Tip!)

When I started blogging back in 2010, I didn’t know what communities were, Facebook was just at its beginning, Twitter was the place to rant about yourself and your life, and nobody knows anything about SEO, managing social media and so on. But when I started The Geeky Burrow in Summer 2014, I desperately wanted to share my experience with someone, I wanted a community.

Finding my own tribe really helped me to avoid burnout and improve my blogging experience. That’s why I want to share my favorite online communities with you today.

1. Female Geek Bloggers

Where: Google+
Founder: Megan of The Nerdy Girlie and Bree of Geek & Prosper
Members: almost 1,000
Description: The Nerdy Girlie aka Megan & Bree have never met in real life but have found a way to connect anyway. This group is to help ALL the nerd & geek girl bloggers out there do the same! Let’s help and support each other!
Why I love it: this is the first community I joined, I think I found it through Kristin’s blog and the 5 Fandom Friday feature. I had some times where I didn’t feel myself geek enough to be a part of this group (I don’t cosplay, I don’t read comics…), but I realized that you just have to be yourself and people will like you. This is my favorite place.

2. Geek Girls x Bloggers

Where: Facebook
Founder: Pepi of Geek Anthropology and Brittany of xoGeek
Members: 100+
Description: Are you a Geek Girl ++ a Blogger?? This is your place! Let us know your blog/ FB page and let’s share the fun!!
Why I love it: this group is a cozy nook and all the members are very friendly, I also like you can share one post per day. Sometimes it’s nice to geek out in a less crowded space.

3. Blog + Biz BFFs

Where: Facebook
Founder: Melyssa Griffin of The Nectar Collective
Members: almost 5,000
Description: Welcome to the Blog + Biz BFFs Community — a place for bloggers and online entrepreneurs to lend support, give feedback, and share advice. SO stoked that you’re here.
Why I love it: this is a community created by Melyssa Griffin for those who subscribed to her newsletter. She’s the blogger behind The Nectar Collective and writes the best stuff for online business owners and bloggers. I love this community, because it’s my go-to place when I have some technical questions to ask or I want to hear an opinion from some experts.

BONUS. NovelTea Book Club

Where: Facebook and Goodreads
Founder: Kristin of My Life as a Teacup
Members: 260+
Description: The monthly book club for My Life as a Teacup readers and fans of literary fiction, young adult fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, and classics. What ties us together is our love of reading, and we hope you’ll grab a copy of the month’s book and a cuppa, and join us!
Why I love it: I never liked book clubs, because I wasn’t able to stick with their schedule, but Kristin, knows how to mix things up and let you have a beautiful bookish experience.

The best Facebook Tip I ever received

Starting from the point that I hate Facebook and I use it only to interact with other people inside the groups, I realized my blog needed a page, at least to make people recognize me. In fact, when you find a fellow blogger on a group and you click to see her profile, you can see a direct link to herr blog’s page and immediately tell who she is (if the privacy settings let everybody to see your Work section).

Here is my profile for example:

If someone stumble upon my profile and wants to know what I blog about or even if I have a blog, they can click the link to The Geeky Burrow page and read more about it!

(I don’t spend time running my own Facebook page, I use an IFTTT recipe to automatically share my blog posts on the page when they are published. Basically, I often forget to have a page!)

Do you have any favorite communities? Let me know in the comments below!

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