The ‘Creepers’

Everybody’s talking/sharing about Felicia Day’s last post, where she shared her thoughts on the whole #GamerGate. Honestly I didn’t know about that controversy before, because I’m not involved in gaming communities, even if I spend several time reading LOTRO forums, but after reading The Only Thing I Have To Say About Gamer Gate I agree at 100% with Felicia.

I’m not here talking about women’s rights, feminism and so on. But I want to say that the internet and the social media can be beautiful gears dangerously managed by bad people.

Twitter has always been my favourite social media, since I created my first profile back in 2010 to promote my blog and sharing my useless thoughts on regular basis. Those were the early stages, when video games meant The Sims to me and I didn’t know the words ‘geek’ and ‘nerd’. Few months before starting to write for Middle-earth News last year I realized that Twitter could be the help I always needed to connect myself with like-minded people, Tolkien fans, Peter Jackson’s movies nerds and so on. I started tweeting my own thoughts, my own opinions, and even some personal things (like book-selfies or everyday-life statuses), but soon I discovered an annoying number of those my friends and I call ‘creepers’. They are basically that kind of people who likes everything – and I say everything – you share, leaves comments (especially about your photos even those you shared one year ago), asks annoying questions like ‘where do you live?’ and creates other accounts to follow you if you block and report them. They perform every kind of harassment to your social media profiles. They are mostly males, sometimes of your same age, sometimes middle aged men. I had more creepers-experience with the second kind of individuals.

Long story short, I barely use Twitter/Facebook/Google+ at this time. I could ignore them, I know, but I feel uncomfortable to receive that kind of notification, so my way to use Twitter is radically changed during the last year: now I use it only to share the articles I write, breaking news, or interact with those few online friends who are normal people, just like me. I prefer to manage Middle-earth News’ social media than my own. That’s sad.

Self-protection and fear.

…like Felicia said. This is the same reason why I chose to use a fake surname online. Creepers are everywhere and you can easily meet them if you’re a gal who likes geeky and nerdy things, plays videogames and so on.

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